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Welcome to The Cavalry. We plan to make a Hardcore server that challenges the players at Dayz! 

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The server cannot currently relate a "donation" to anything in game as this would no longer be a donation, rather a sale.(a donation is a gift without any counter value.) The donations we receive are 100% of your own free will and you will not receive anything in game for this.
$15 for Priority Que $35 for clan tag color$70 for Retextured item. 
In Game Rules: None of the following below will be tolerated
**General **
- Glitching, hacking, and/or abusing bugs in the game to gain unfair advantage during PVP or while raiding. This includes looting storage through solid walls.- Do NOT use the "sprinting backwards glitch". (if you are caught doing it you risk a ban)- Meta Gaming (giving away player locations/base locations in chat)- Giving out base codes to any enemy players.- NO using Alt accounts unless approved by an Admin.- Combat logging (Logging out before 10 min after your engagement/during a fight).- Stealing anything in the safe zones.- Mic/megaphone abuse. (Spam, racial slurs, music, toxicity, and/or trolling).- Impersonating staff under any context.- Do NOT throw grenades into people's bases for the purposes of griefing storage or cars, if you are engaged in a fight with someone then this is allowed. (besides raiding a base)- Do NOT log off in someone else's base. (this is to avoid a player relogging into someone's base later and killing/attacking/looting)- Do NOT loot cycle.- If your account or any of your alternate accounts have GLOBAL BANS or VAC BANs we reserve the right to ban you from our server.- If one of your friends that you have chosen to associate with is caught breaking one of our rules or is hacking/glitching/duping or cheating in any way you are also subject to ban by association. Admins subject to these such rules.- We use COMMUNITY BAN lists on this server. If you are on a public BAN LIST from another server we reserve the right to ban you from our server with no questions asked.- Staff reserve the right to ban people for situations not listed in these rules.- The Staff has DESCRETION in enforcing these rules as every situation is different and some things may not be absolute.

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